Connections in this “new world”

How do we stay connected in our ever changing, newly transformed quarantined world? I text my sister daily, but now we have fun with emojis and Bitmojis. We share our fears and feelings in a cartoon representations of ourselves. We update each other several times a day and pass on giggles to each other. To stay in touch with my students through Google Classroom, I upload voice recordings of our mentor text. I think they appreciate hearing a familiar voice that they won’t admit to missing. I pose questions about poetry to our stream to engage their analytical minds. To my social media followers, I take photos of common day events to encourage normalcy. The cat cuddling up with my daughter as she e-learns. It got a lot of thumbs up. Or a carefully filtered image of the prudent dinner my husband has prepared. Things must continue as normal amidst the atypical turn our lives have taken. With my quaint immediate family, we insist on a movie night every night. We use to take advantage of being home together. Now we make sure to reconnect nightly. We spend our days working from home in three separate rooms then conclude our day together as a unit. We promise to stay strong and supportive in our new uncertain current situation.

Stay connected! Be creative!

One thought on “Connections in this “new world”

  1. Thank you for being aware and making those around you aware of the need to reach out and to receive those who are reaching out during the pandemic. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. Hopefully we will all get better at this.

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