Changing the World on the Ride Home

 . . . It was his interviewee’s response that moved me. She advised him, every new day, every morning, every shade drawn, curtain pulled is a new page of our story. Wow!  Coming home from a long day at work, a tedious drive home in the dark at this time of year is a downer. Her words spoke to me; I was intrigued. As I slowed at the yellow light, I reached for the volume button, moving it up a few notches.  I wanted to hear more.  

The sky still glowed a bit in the western horizon.  The darkness was winning the race as I traveled west; I could not catch the glow.  It disappeared within minutes of pulling onto the highway. But my focus remained to my radio to the celebrity chef interview by a shock jock.   Her words were so simply inspirational. Every new day is a new page in the story of our lives. It’s an opportunity to start anew. Our narratives don’t end until there are no more mornings. . .

 . . . If your story is to touch the world, start on a new page.   Could I? Could a nobody change the world?



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