The Plane Ride Home

She watched him place the luggage overhead and hoped that he didn’t push too hard.  She was exhausted as she settled into her window seat and let the cool air from the above vent blow on her.  These last 10 days were a blur now, the food, the drinks, the rented house, the countryside. It was a long time dream that had been granted.  Bittersweetly with a different person than she had envisioned. This was a place that her husband had longed to visit. Especially for his 70th birthday, however he didn’t make it until then.  This whole new relationship, at times, has been more difficult to grasp emotionally than her husband’s 9 month illness and the months after his death. She didn’t think moving on was possible, but this old new friend helped. Sometimes she even thinks, saved her life.  

The flight attendant was going on about the exits as she recalled how they were acquainted.  They had actually known each other for ten years. She and her husband were in the book business and so was he.  They all would run into each other at book shows and were friendly as a result of their common business. After the death, she needed to make money to pay off the bills that had avalanched in her life.  She tried to sell everything she could at any show she heard about. And that’s where this new relationship sprouted….


Want to read more? This new installation available tomorrow at TheMeagerModernMom Read this and the entire series of life events during a ride home.  

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