Day 31 of Slice of Life! A wholehearted THANK YOU!

I have been participating in the Slice of Life story challenge.  31 days of writing!  Wow!  I have enjoyed it immensely.  The first thing I did every morning was investigate the daily inspiration.  I let my thoughts marinate on it every day.  Some days ideas came instantly and I was able to post in the morning.  Other days, I had to simmer my thoughts and a story unfolded by the evening.  Only one day I was dissatisfied with my story but merely because life got in the way of my creative juices.  I have learned so much from everyone else who participated!  I am a writing teacher; I never considered my self a writer.  But after these 31 days, I truly feel like a writer, amateur of course, but indeed a writer.  I learned how to zoom in on details, to write about snapshots of my life, to change up my sentence structure, or merely writing structure, to make a simple event something interesting to read about, to write about my past, good and bad, feelings, faults. 

During this month, I looked forward to turning on my phone before my eyes opened to read the comments on my posts.  Some days would be quiet, other days, my phone would light up with notifications.  I would get so excited to read comments and be insecure about how soon I could like the comment. At times, it was merely seconds later. I loved reading the stories of so many others.  My favorites were the poems!  I do consider myself an amateur poet; I do like to write it often at my other blog, but to read others was a joy this month.  

Thank you for letting me be a part of this! Thank you for writing your stories and poems here for me to experience! Thank you for being my audience and cheerleaders! Thank you for helping me become a master of words!  I can’t mix colors to paint a picture. I don’t know which notes go together to make a melody. Through these 31 days of practice with your encouragement and inspirations, I’ve become an artist with my words! Thank you!

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