SOL day 30! An internal struggle

Saturday mornings are a retreat after a mentally and physically exhausting week as a middle school teacher and mother.  I am tried mentally dealing with lessons, adolescent drama, emotions, after school activities, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, homework.  The list goes on ad infinitum.  I walk to and from the train.  I climb 3 flights of stairs countless times during my work day.  I stand all day.  After this long, cold winter, I am not so enthused to rush back into my warm weather routine of weekend early morning runs.  There is an internal argument weekend mornings.

“It will only take 25 minutes.  You can do this.” 

“Ugh!  I am too tired.  I need my coffee first.”

“Stop making excuses!  Get on your running clothes and get out there!”

“The sun is barely up.  It is still cold. I am tired.”

“Get dressed, now!”

The devil on my shoulder looses.  Shoes are tightened and I am out the door.  The not so cold breeze kisses my cheeks.  “Ahhhhh, not so bad.” Spring is in the air. However, a Calico cat in a neighbor’s window judges me as I run down his street.  His following eyes say, “Come on.  You should still be in bed.”

I persist. The accompanying scenary is a surprising delight.  Budding tree branches, green sprouts bursting through the dirt, a chorus of birds pacify my earlier surly thoughts.  “This really isn’t so torturous after all.”

“One mile down; one more to go.  I am confident I can accomplish this,” I cheer myself on.  The devil and angel have come to an agreement.  My neighboordhood hills are to be conquered.  Even though the clouds are hiding the sun, the tease of spring in the sights and sounds have encouraged me.  I pass by my house so that I can make it all the way to mile two. Done!

As the runners high kicks in, I realize this really is one of my favorite things to do!



8 thoughts on “SOL day 30! An internal struggle

  1. Verrrry relatable. I can’t really run but go to the gym. I have those shoulder devils too. Sometimes he wins and sometimes you come out the other end of a great story like the one you wrote here. Those endings always feel better. Well done!

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