SOL Day 28: Pizza

Buy one, get one free.  A day to indulge.  The options seem endless.  Such a simple decision is becomes difficult when picking which toppings.  What am I in the mood for?  Spicy, sweet, salty, crunchier than usual.   Those greasy, scarlet disks are one of my favorites; cupping their own nectar.  A wonderful accompaniment to them is the rich sweetness of onions. As they transform into translucent ribbons, their savory taste intensifies.  I’m not sure if I will add the spongy heartiness of my favorite fungi.  They offer me no elaborate cuisine in this setting, merely a texture for which I am not currently in the mood.  My final decision is the desired density.  What do I long for today?  It is a day to indulge after all.  Perhaps then, a double-decker.  Two layers of buttery crust enveloping the gooey, piquant cheese as it swaddles my preferences.  Twice as much sensation for my taste buds to delight in.

Now it’s the husband’s turn…

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