SOL Day 20; This Too Shall Pass

This is a piece of advice that is hard to accept. When you are deep in the middle of a crisis, these words are meant to be encouraging. You are enveloped in tragedy. You don’t want to hear it.  But seriously, this too shall pass.  It will.  You will look back and exclaim, “Wow time has gone by so fast!”

Over 20 years ago, my father discovered he needed bypass surgery. The family was terrified.  We prayed. We made deals. He came out of surgery successfully and recovered wonderfully. My mother looked after him and kept him healthy and strong.  Time has passed and his heart is still pumping.  This too shall pass. And it did. Two decades have flown by; it’s almost hard to remember.

Years after my father’s surgery, my mother discovered she had aortic stenosis and  needed valve replacement.  Once again we were consumed with dread. All kinds of deals with God were made.  She was use to taking care of others; she was not use to being the patient.  The family took care of her and nursed her back to the strong matriarch that she earned. This too shall pass; once again it did.  Here we are many years later and she and my father have now both celebrated their 80th birthdays.

For almost 5 years my husband and I tried to get pregnant.  My desire to be a mother took control over me. Every month that passed without a positive test pushed me into a state of animosity.  Once again, I made ridiculous deals and prayed myself to sleep almost every night.  Just when we were ready to throw in the towel, we were honored with parenthood.  She has grown to be an amazing young lady.  All those nights, I lay in bed and questioning now seem unbelievably far away.  A beautiful, healthy baby I longed for  is now an amazing 9 year old.  Yep, this too shall pass. It zoomed by.

2017 was indeed the worst year of my family’s life.  In this year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my sister was widowed.  How would we make it through these miserable hardships. Tears were shed. Fears were overwhelming.  Was it possible to make any more deals with God?  Guide me through months of treatments.  Help my sister put her new life together. Please.  Here we are almost 2 years later, I am healthy and she has found a reason to smile again.  This too shall pass.  It was hard to see this end of the tunnel when on the other end.  It seemed eternal, but here I am at the end.  I made it. We all made it.

Please believe me, this too shall pass!



8 thoughts on “SOL Day 20; This Too Shall Pass

  1. So glad to know you’re at the other end of that tunnel. Your words of encouragement are like a rallying cry for those still in the tunnel. I was reminded of three maxims I’ve cherished from a dear friend and this too shall pass is one of them. The other two? “I did the best I could at the time” and “Life is too short.”

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  2. So many examples in this post – and they all tie to the end of that tunnel. WE need to hear these words when we are stuck in the tunnel. Sometimes I repeat to myself, “One day, this will just be a story you tell.” to get through the hard times.

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