SOL Day 19: A desired companion.

Our daughter is not unlike most kids; she begs and pleads for a special friend.  We’d hear her playing make-believe with her toys.  For years we told her, “No. Sorry honey. Maybe when you get older.”

She’s an only child so she spent years longing for a companion.  Her toys weren’t really cutting it for her as she got older. But we just didn’t have time to fulfill her nagging requests.  The years passed.  She continued to beseech us.  As she became school aged, she made deals with us.  “I can help. I am a big girl now!  I can help with feedings and other things you need.”

“We’ll see, ” was always our response.  We just weren’t prepared. There was no time. Could we find time for any more responsibilities in our family?  Both of us worked out of the house and feared we couldn’t share our love.  It’s just so challenging being a working mom with a working spouse.  If our family was any bigger, how would I manage?

She persisted. On park outings,  she would admire other families.  TV shows and movies taunted her.  “Mama, Daddy, look!” She would stare us down with her huge, puppy dog eyes. “Please!”

“Sorry honey. We just can’t this year.”  Daddy was promoted and was working more hours away from home.  I wouldn’t be able to pick up the slack on my own.

Holidays and birthdays would come and go; I knew she was longing for a special gift. Her quest never subsided. After the disappointed look on her face Christmas morning when there was no special announcement during gift unwrapping, the husband and I had a private discussion.  Maybe it was time.  We looked into options, made some arrangements, planned how to make it happen.  By Valentine’s day, we were ready to share the news with her. We gave her a card. In it was an informative picture.  When she opened it, she jumped for joy and screamed with pleasure. “When?! When?!”

That next night we were on a mission.  We arrived and parked outside a home she’d never been.  “What are we doing here? ” she inquired.

“You’ll see,” we responded in unison.  We rang the bell. The door opened. We entered.  Our daughter was anxiously confused as an older lady escorted us to her back porch.  In a box came a muffled sound.  Our daughter ran to the box and squealed as a soft, furry kitten stared up at her.


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