SOL Day 18; A special toast.

She and I met in the 6th grade over 37 years ago.  We were in the same home room. She was a sweet girl. I was a shy girl.  Our families had so much in common; lots of brothers and sisters, Catholic, parents that worked hard to give us a good life.  Over the first 10 years of our friendship we lost our way, found our way back to each other, lost and found several times.  But we continued to stay in touch through our college years.

As adults ,we took different paths.  She traveled. I stayed in Chicago. We continued to connect with other high school friends.  As adults, we shared similar insecurities about men.  She dated some people in her 20’s.  I dated the same person throughout my 20’s.  Neither one of us were experts on relationships, not then or when we were teenagers.  But as girlfriends we discussed it ad nauseam. That’s just how we were.

While in our late 20’s, we attended a concert together to which she brought a man.  They worked together. They hung out a few times.  She and I stepped away on a girls’ restroom break where we could talk. She wanted some of my inexperienced advice regarding her date.

“What do you think?” she asked me.  “I think he really likes me.”

“Do you like him?”

She wasn’t sure how she felt. She told me the things they shared in common. They were both teachers. They both enjoyed imported beer.  The one thing she felt was the best connection was his enjoyment of a similar talk radio show.  That meant a lot to her.

“Well that tells you he has a great sense of humor.  That’s important in a relationship, right?” I advised.  “What do I think? He’s funny. You have fun together. He likes you. He’s not bad looking.  If you don’t snatch him up, perhaps I’ll try to get his attention.” I kidded.

We returned to our seats. We enjoyed the rest of the show.  A few months passed and the two of them took things to the next level.  In June of the following year, she asked me to tell this story at a toast to the 250 guests at their wedding.

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