Day 12 SOL; thanks Freddy!

I awoke with worry holding my other thoughts prisoner. I keep trying to evict it; it slithers in. It seems to hold all the power here.

I am refueled with my aromatic, morning rocket fuel. Mmmmm, it always gives me the kick I desire. The smell wafts from the kitchen as my alarm vibrates. “I’m coming!” The bitter flavor pushes the worry aside for a few moments.

Oh no! It’s crept back. ” I thought I ordered you to leave?!”

As I drive in the dark to the train station, I try to find comfort in the jest of my morning talk radio show. Ok, I have forgotten my grating consternation. However, as I arrive, the radio is silenced and my mental discomfort has resurfaced. Again!

“Why won’t you leave me alone?!”

I seek relief in the vision the dawn paints for me.  It is magnificent; the dark, bare branches against the dim, pale orange is so calming. But only momentarily has it departed.  It’s back.  “Why do you possess so much power over my thoughts today?!”

My wrist vibrates the arrival of a text message. My sister is reminding me to ignore this silly stressful matter to which I have surrendered so much control.

As I stand in the station I hear my saving grace serenading me on the radio behind the counter.  My beloved Freddy Mercury.  Whenever I witness his voice, I am programmed to close my eyes and take in his heavenly voice.  My eyes close, my body sways, I listen. “There’s no stopping me! I’m having a good time. I’m having a ball!” My face welcomes a smile. I mouth the words in a duet to his stirring voice.

“You won’t stop me. You can’t bother me any more.  I’m having a good time. I’m having a ball!”

This nagging worry is too petty to grip my thoughts anymore.  Thanks Freddy for your melodic reminder!

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