My slice of my day

Slice of Life day 2; the small things.

My morning run. The bitter cold isn’t due for another 24 hours. The snow hasn’t covered my streets.

I’m off. All I need is 25 minutes. That’s all I ask.

Am I selfish for not cleaning the floors? Am I shirking some family duty if I don’t double check the grocery list or put her library book in her back pack? They think so.

No! I’m not. All is ask is 25 minutes to recharge and refresh. I want you to go watch the game with your friends. I want you to go to your art class and birthday party.

No worries for the laundry will still get done, the groceries bought, my papers graded, and maybe even the taxes done.

I can do it all. I always do.

I am a mom, The Meager Modern Mom.

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